Baked Salmon with Vegetables $16,99 lb
Thai Lime Shrimp $24.99 lb or market price
Red Snapper $14.99 lb
Lobster , Salmon Cake $12.95 lb
Pecan Crusted Salmon $16.99 lb
Grilled Salmon $16.99 lb
Grilled Sea Scallops / Pan Braised- market price
Grilled Swordfish $16.99 or market price
Grilled Teriyaki / Ginger Tuna- $19.95 or market price
Pan Seared Tuna Rare $19.95 or market price
Paella- per person market price
Steamed Lobster- market price
Cold Poached Salmon $16.95 lb
Salmon Steak with Baby Vegetables  $16.99 lb
Baked Chilean Sea Bass- market price
Local Stripped Bass Baked in Salt (Pesce in de Crusto) market price
Sautéed or Fried Soft Shell Crab- market price
Jumbo Shrimp Fried U8 $28.95 lb
Shrimp Primavera $28.95 lb
Shrimp Scampi $28.95 lb
Argentinean Baked Clams $5.95 each
Steamed or Grilled Little Neck Clams $!25.00 for quarter of a bussel
New Zealand Mussels WIth a Lobster Bur Blank- market price
Assorted Sushi Platters or Full Service 
and much more